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2021-08-07 12:50:44 (UTC)

focus on the bad

We need to focus on the bad. anything negative. we have to complain and bitch about it. if we don't. then we will suffer.

even your body does the same. so why shouldn't you?? when you feel a stab of a knife, pain receptors send signals to your brian which we register as pain. So when some asshole ruins your day. when we complain it's telling others that look this shit is bad. its ruining everything. And where do these complaints land up? if done properly they will reach the person who can actually do something to fix it. If not then its just a waste.

so many of the people are unhappy with the government. they protest. they complain. but nothing happens. the powerful and the rich and the corrupt ain't gonna play ball just with your social media tweeting and hashtags and shit. they gonna sit on their throne and laugh at you.

we need to storm the gates with burning torches and pitchforks. burn their whole system down. chaos.

the bbc and cnn are gone bonkers with showing some continous coverage of the NYC dude with the molestation case. like seriously im sitting on the opposite side of the world and i get to see this shit. seriously Murica clean up your own mess. we got no time for that shit...

i have no hope or faith in mankind. or in the collective good. sure some small fractions are there to do their small part but it's not enough. there is a reason to this. an unrefutable logic behind my stand. the simple fact that a few rich dudes have more wealth than all of the rest billions of us and they do nothing but swim in their wealth shows how much of so called humanity is left. if you have power then you have the responsibility.

even if they start small. One town at a time. to build its infrastructure and maintain it. the whole country can prosper as a whole.


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