My short pointless life
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2021-08-07 12:34:00 (UTC)

nose up the ass

I don't know whats wrong with these humans. the media, the people who are responsible to give us news are obsessed with what celebrities do. Like fuckkkk... they wear a new watch its fucking breaking news. they do some small tiny trivial shit which us common folk do daily and it's like big shit news...

its horrible and i mean absolutely horrible in india. this fucking shit ass cunts of a movie industry called bollywood is fucking the thrash of the thrash and it's pure garbage. these fuckin celebs and their egos are blown to hell and back scattered over the news about what shit they do. its so annoying. i keep clicking to hide these stories but more and more come up each day. especially i get irritated when these articles come up saying hey look at these adorable pics of them young celebs or look this celeb said this and wow look at that body and new dress shes wearing and their house and shit...like what the fuckkk you media twats there is other news too you know..


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