Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-06 23:45:20 (UTC)

It’s 745 I’m about to head for ..

It’s 745 I’m about to head for bed but wanted to talk about the next half of my day I practiced Spanish read more of the after ward (almost finished) and watched charmed which I still like but is not my fave feel like I’m growing out of it a little but not enough not to watch
I go to work on Monday I posted my sewing machine to the sewing machine group

Two things shipped to me I decided to wear them I bough these high rise jeans for tank tops it doesn’t quite fit the tank top it keeps coming down but maybe if I use a belt

Also the vines with lights came I gave butterfly stickers e to be hopefully she takes care of them ok and shows me her desk
I haven’t seen my parents for a while I’m very happy about that but i am also so exhausted time to be a adult and do things alone

Edit no longer worried about my friend hating me just hope she listens to the songs I sent her

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