If I die today
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2021-08-06 14:21:00 (UTC)


Slept till around 4ish this morning then after walking the dog slept thru noon then after lunch till about 2 just had a shower and washed dishes we should be running errands toninght so trying to getmyself together. Had a headache this morning. Clearlly my filling is gone from that back tooth that hurts and it annoying very stuffy a little sneezy took an allerga d at 530 last night to so I had 3 ofthe 12 hours pills over 2 days. feeling week neasuase I took promethize with my headache this mroning after walking the dog. just pretty rough today. Been thinking about this whole electric car thing so if there telling us right now that the powerplants cant handle everyone runnig thier a/c so rolling outagges are possible what do they think will happen if everyone is charging these cars? Anyhow thats todays blurb im not feelin so hot