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2021-08-06 11:31:33 (UTC)

My friend is making a move 😱

Well, one of my old time core friend Susan is moving out of State. Her Mom bought a home in Midland Texas. So she was selling her home here and move to Texas too. I presume somewhere close to her Mom's place. She had planned on this a couple months ago already. I told her to start purging so moving will be easier and to forget about her bf because she is moving anyway. He is my long time core friend too that had a stroke. Told her to focus instead on her move. She was a little but I already knew she wasn't really trying. Not sure if she didn't realize how real it was or too scared to do anything.

She needs to get on it now. She listed her home. It sold. Bought by flippers that will pay in cash. The sale will take 30 days. So she has 30 days to get her stuff out, organize movers, etc, etc, etc. You know, typical moving stuff. Told her to write down her "to dos". She is scared but I told her it should be something she should be excited about . I will lose her as a friend. I mean she'll still be my friend but it won't be the same of course. I told her once she's settled, I can come visit. I also told her that Texas was one of the places I'd inquire about to retire one day. CA got lots of politics that make living here challenging. But I have to weigh the pros and cons and see. I have a lot of options. In fact, I telework so if the option of being able to work out of State is available, I could move anytime I want to.

Cost of living may be better and I'm sure there is a gym that does crossfit. I'm sure someone will want to take my money. lol. So that's the latest greatest news I have today. Future planning. A little scary but exciting too. I love it. Just sort of window shopping for now but making sure I'm open to options. So glad my retirement is already set. Full medical coverage for life. Retirement even now is set for life. The longer I stay, it's just gravy on top and will increment per year. I know a lot of people are just working paycheck to paycheck with zero retirement. Social Security is a joke. Not exactly sure what it'll be but I'm guessing maybe around $1500 a month? I'm looking at it just as a nice supplement and not dependent on it. I don't even know if SS will be there in the future. Who knows what the Fed Gov is doing with the budget? But I planned that there won't be any SS left when I retire. If wrong, great!! More money for Amazon🤪

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