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2021-08-06 18:29:31 (UTC)

A Nice Summer Day

Hello Diary
I just got to the park this nice, warm afternoon. I got dressed in a a little hurry, as the only thing that I was wearing so far was a pair of suntan pantyhose. So, I just grabbed a pretty blue sundress that was a little short for me being such a tall gal. I really love feeling the cool breeze blowing up my dress and thru my pantyhose (I'm panty-less of course!!!?).
I love the feel of the cool air from the a/c vent blowing right up between my long legs!!!. But now that I've gotten to the park,, it is good bye a/c for a while. So as I sit outside with the nice breeze blowing up my dress, I can feel it blowing through my sheer pantyhose crotch against my damp crotch just gets me that much wetter!! It wouldn't take much for me to cum!! I would love to run my pantyhosed crotch up against Jim's hard cock feeling it getting harder with each stroke.