Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-06 16:01:48 (UTC)

Today is 12:02 pm I saw my ..

Today is 12:02 pm I saw my friend yesterday but I’m afraid she doesn’t like me anymore due to something that might of happened yesterday and that she hasn’t checked the music I sent her
We put up fairy light in my apartment and “got coffee” I got lemonade she got a chocolate corssaint I hope this is not the last time I see her. We were going to the county fair but we messed up on the date. I finished flash a day before and I have been watching charmed lately
She’s afraid of escape rooms.

I’m almost finished the afterward

I feel she’s a little different now but she’s still cool I changed a lot too my new fairy core aesthetic my love of thunderstorms

and dc super hero’s
Need to pay my rent and call my job to see when I go to work it’ been a couple of day without my parents

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