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2021-08-06 05:26:10 (UTC)

I just did something cool 😎

When you're constantly trying to self improve, there are a lot of things you need to remind yourself at times. As you progress, it gets convoluted. I wished I had some kind of way to remind myself sometimes. Then it hit me. Doh!!! I have an Alexa. In fact, I have multiple Alexas throughout the house including in my vehicles. You know, making sure the NSA heard every word. 😆.

Anyway, I just set up a daily reminder for myself. So now, Alexa will tell me each and everyday at 5AM to...... "love myself as much as I would to others". Sometimes I neglect to take care of myself.. Gonna start with this for now. I'll add more as I see fit.

Well, goofed off for over half an hr already. Time to get ready for gym. It's called Booty Friday today. Lots of lower body stuff. Should be easy for me.. My arms suck but I'm proud of my legs. My wheels look nicely toned and it rarely fails me. Ready to rock it. Later diary :)

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