taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-08-06 03:55:30 (UTC)

zero dms


considering it was my bearthday, it was actually a decent day. renewed my parking permit online, vacuumed, fielded numerous bday callsntexts from admirers, had pizza with the zoofs in wndsr park (aka first true in person hang with friends in a While) -- a grey boston terrier had the zooms all around us, chasing squirrels, for a solid 12 minutes, with no human in sight clamouring after a dog(!) my vague attempts to catch him and claim him as my birthday surprise and love him relentlessly forever were unsuccessful.

from there, it was a slow janut home, breathing in only minimally smokey august 5th evening air. had a few beers, a few weeds,

there was so much more human interaction than I'm used to now, so many opportunities for today to go off the rails and panic. but i leaned into it this time. semi-embraced certain aspects of reality that historically.. i mean it's almost 1am, i didn't emotionally disregulate all day. more or less!

anyways, good night park boston terrier. 39. what a bag of shit

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