If I die today
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2021-08-05 15:35:52 (UTC)

tissue issus

not too motivated to write still struggling with this cold bug. Did take cold meds yesterday before food shopping we ate close to 8 which is basiclly bedtime but anyhow slept from about 10ish till 530 waking up around 1 went to go sit in the lving room but that was short lived. Same old thing as yesterday otherwise did get some new stuff nothing of value just stuff I seem to like stuff. pretty tired still runny sneezy nose is the worst complaints . knee buckled about twice this morning. I was really slow this moring. Dog had a short walk bc he was acting up and I was tired so a bad combition but let him poop and checked the mail so maybe 10min. Well nothing really going just rying to recover. Still taking the 2aday al d3 iodine. Tea, xrshield. All the usual. been running thru tissues like crazy. little snot balls of tissue everywhere. Kinda too drained to get up every 3min and take one to the trash so they pile up and then I dumpem all at once. Had a few naps. Tommrow we should have an outting I ordered new epipens that we can pickup tommrow since we should bei going on the boat this weekend and I dont wanna get stung by a bee but appartly thats not a problem. Anyhow I'm foggy headed so this is it

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