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2021-08-05 15:12:11 (UTC)

Very pleasant slow day at work 😊

A slow day at work? Yay!! Needed it. I could even type with only one finger and I'd still be ahead of my projects. This don't happen often so enjoying this moment while I can. I had a healthy lunch and this week, I finally broke the 166-165 lb barrier. You are your lightest in the morning and believe it or not, you are lighter after you shower for some reason. I don't see my skin peeling away in the shower or anything like that but who knows? Anyway, I was able to hit 163.4 lbs at one point. That was enough to bring out a nice smile outta me.

I forget sometimes that I need to focus on the little positives life throws at me and be grateful for that. Today for instance, it was an ego boost and it made me a little big headed. In my smaller group at class, after it was over, we chat with each other for a bit. Just small chit-chat. One lady I already knew for years now. She's a friend of a friend so that's what we have in common. The other lady I never saw before but I still don't know all of the 7AM crew just yet. She said I was a beast!! Nice to hear when you wake up in the morning usually in pain from the workouts. Today, I wanted to flush out any negative energy in me so I pushed myself really hard. I think I'll organize some people from the gym to meet for lunch this Saturday after class at my favorite Jack's Urban Eats. Good healthy food there.

One small thing that I forgot to mention this week. A few weeks ago, I found a baby bird on my front porch. I know there is a nest on my front porch rafters and I thought it was cool so I've been letting this pair nest there every season. Same pair I think. Anyway, I guessed that this baby bird got out by accident and wasn't ready to fly just yet. So I took it upon me to put the bird back up in the nest. I put on some plastic gloves to make sure my scent don't go to the baby bird. Not sure if they care but just in case. Well, a few weeks went by and I was thinking if that bird even belonged in that nest. Did the parents perhaps abandon the bird and it's now just a dead bird in there? So my curiosity got to me and I got my ladder out to check. Can't see because it's too high but I stuck my hand in the nest and found it to be empty. Yay!!!! To me, that means the bird was still fed and grew up enough to be able to fly. That made my day actually. Never told anyone else but I knew and it felt nice. Hopefully that bird appreciates what I did for him/her so they don't poop on my car.

Well, it's time to get ready for gym again. Going to take a quick shower and hopefully shed more of my scales off of me to lighten the load. lol. Later diary :)