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2021-08-05 08:54:57 (UTC)

Ole Faithful 😊

When things get confusing whether it's good or bad, I know there is always a "go to" for me. That's the gym. It's no longer a health thing, weight loss thing, or anything like that at all at that point. It's to get me back down to earth and put that mellowness back in me. Yup, making up my own words. It was cardio day as I figured and whatever confusion I had, I ran it the heck outta me. Broad jumps w back pedaling, bear crawls, plank up/down, bird dog on a bosu, cycling, laps, and the ultimate burner in my book....battle ropes.

Earlier, my upper body felt like it got slammed into a wall. Not now. Feeling pretty high on my own natural high. My emotions? I can smile again. Situation hasn't changed. Just the magic of working out and having your body produce/release those happy chemicals into your body is a must. Sure, they have artificially created pills to make you chill out but who knows what the side effects of those are? Your balls could fall off for all I know. hehe.

Anyway, Patricia was there today aka: chatterbox blond. She was at a different station this time but she made her way during class anyway to tell me she brought her Sister to work out too and that she may join also. Her name is Becky. Another blond but she's completely the opposite of Patricia. Cool to notice. She's quiet and watching her work out from the side of my eye, she's new but learned the moves pretty quickly. One on station, I saw her do a broad jump and land. Then somehow she fells backwards. Made me smile but to not embarrass her, I turned away pretending I didn't see her flop.

Well, I'm ready as I'll ever be for work. Time to earn that bacon so I can bring it home I guess. Smile peeps. We get to make the day as good or as crappy as we make it out to be.
Also, good morning sweetie. 😘 I'm on WhatsApp you know. FYI. Hoping you chime in on it.

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