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2021-08-05 17:48:58 (UTC)

Take a look around...

Yeaahh the limp bizkit song for mission impossible movie. man those were the good days.

humans are divided into fractions. each doing its own thing. but they can't just come together and it puzzles me why. maybe money, greed or power?

lets see what we got to work with here. we got the rich ass companies who are into the stock market and stuff. then we have the enviornmentalists who go around saving the planet from the scurge of mankind. then there are the celebrities who are totally in their own fucking bubble of i want all the spotlight on me all the time shit. then we have the scientists and the tech guys who are into all this shit. then there are all the thinkers and the scholars of old who sit and give lectures on how to live our lives. how can we forget all the religious buffs who believe in the man up there with a long beard. we got college students who are clueless about their future. we got the military who are there to protect our lands from invasion and in this era i can't think of any such events. then we got the political assholes who literally aren't worth a penny for what they do.

they all seem to forget that everything is connected. its like a massive world web. the laws of physics run beautiful and they run all the time for everyone here. you get rich, thousand get poor. but then they don't think about it.

all these fractions keep at it then yep mankind is a goner. soon.


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