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2021-08-05 09:03:10 (UTC)

News of Police corruption

• George King-Thompson, a 21-year-old free climber who was imprisoned two years ago for climbing the U.K.'s tallest skyscraper, has scaled the 36-story Stratosphere Tower in London in less than half an hour to call attention to climate change after flash floods hit the residential area.

• Mike Blakely, 70, the former sheriff of Limestone County, Ala., has asked to remain free on bond until sentencing after he was convicted of felony theft and ethics charges involving inmate money and campaign funds, and was removed from office.

• Maxell Berry, a 22-year-old Ohio man accused of groping the breasts of two flight attendants on a Frontier Airlines flight and punching a third, was duct-taped to his seat on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami, where he was arrested when the plane landed.

• Shirley McIntosh, 49, prompted an investigation by Jamaican police after her 19-year-old daughter said that an officer cut off her waist-length dreadlocks, grown since birth as part of her Rastafarian beliefs, after she and the officer argued over mask rules.

• Rudy Pope, mayor of Bruce, Miss., said the town's newly retired police chief, Tony Sockwell, 59, died one day after his retirement began when the pickup he was driving crossed the centerline, ran off the highway and struck a tree.

• Gerald Williams, 34, suspected in a fatal road-rage shooting of a Houston teenager last month as the teen and his family were driving home from a baseball game, surrendered to police at the city's downtown headquarters to face a murder charge.

• Lesley Annor, 23, of Gaithersburg, Md., accused of helping launder more than $6.2 million in a "romance scheme" that solicited money from more than 200 victims using social media and dating websites, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, prosecutors said.

• Truman Fitzgerald, a police officer in Birmingham, Ala., said a FedEx driver was wounded on a section of interstate passing through downtown when he and a motorist got into a "road rage" situation where the other driver pulled out a gun and shot the FedEx employee in the leg.

• London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco, will pay nearly $23,000 in fines for ethics violations, including asking a former governor to release her brother from prison and allowing a former public-works chief embroiled in a corruption scandal to pay her car repair bill.

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