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2021-08-05 12:39:42 (UTC)

cheap ass attitude

I hate cheap ass fuckers. the ones who can pay but will refuse to. will bargain up and chew your head till you give in.

So i was at the barber yesterday. luckily the dude who cuts my hair was there. he looks like the lead in the movie District 9. one of the best movies out there. he is humble and very meticulous in his craft. i also don't like when just cause you are richer and more of a status symbol means you can treat the workers below you like thrash.

So this dude comes in. teenager. fucking ass cunt. of all the barbers he finds mine to irritate. so my barber is trying to concentrate and attend to this fuck face. this fuck face teenager with a cheap indian attitude wants his hair cut in a stylish way but doesn't want to pay. he keeps telling my barber that i just want a few snips from there and there. barber knows this attitude well. they first say little and then make you fucking cut the way he wants. normal haircut and a stylish one are two different prices. this fucker didn't want to pay for the stylish but he wanted one. the way he was talking and his attitude was reeking of a spoilt fucking cunt. i felt like telling him dude. just pay the fucking amount or be on your fucking way. he says im falling short of the cash so can you just cut it. the nerve of that asshole. barber stood his ground. the asshat went away saying ill be back but i know for sure he wont. oh and did i also say he removed a very good looking phone and pretended to call somone as he was leaving so as to save his face from the humiliation of not getting what he wanted..hahahhaa. that fucker could have easilly paid up but hey humans are cheap.

as always i was very pleased with my barber. i also got a good head massage from him. was relaxing and a much needed break from reality. my total came to around 200 bucks. i gave him a 500 note and told him to keep the change as tip. he was thrilled and wished me many thanks. i think i made his week. hahahah. my point is if someone deserves proper appreciation for the work then they must be given it. those who don't deserve it should be kicked out for good.