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Diary of the little ambivert
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2021-08-05 09:07:46 (UTC)

unnecessary necessary rants

The joy of being another successful candidate cannot be overemphasized. I was always happy whenever i thought about the result. (I don't know if it was a dream come true because I can't remember if I always wanted to be a lawyer, but it was amazing learning law). Well, I can't really say I knew how my parents felt about the result, at first I thought they were unhappy (as they said how come ur aunty when she went she made a 2"1 and then you make 2"2 #rollingeyes) but then they really turned up for me for my call to bar.
Well, let's start from the beginning, before the call to bar, it's been a while, but I'll try to remember every important detail....................
I think I live a very boring life, I can't think of anything outstanding I did other than sleep, wake-up, go to work, eat, come back watch TV, and the process repeats itself. However, let's start from the clearance process.
My clearance was on the 22nd of July and i went with my friends to Law School in Abj here. (I still wonder why we all have to come to Abj for just clearance, I mean I can understand for the call to bar ceremony, but oh well, they know best) it was quite an experience, everyone wanted to finish first and the fastest, so there was extreme disorderliness, there was pushing and a lot of it, there was a little paying here and there for some and there were a few unnecessary process. All together, it was a lot. i remember my friend telling that it was the "ghettoest thing she has done in her life" lol. I am small, so I used my size well #wink, I could squeeze into small spaces to get to the front and I also helped my friends.
The next big event was the Call to Bar Ceremony. The ceremony initiating and welcoming us to the largest bar in Africa. I was in the last batch. so I got to learn from others the dos and don'ts of the ceremony and they were a lot. 1. no patterned collaret, 2. no too much makeup or no makeup at all 3. no big earring or as I later leant no earring at all 4. no fixed/artificial or painted nails 5. no unnecessary design on your shoe 6. ur suit /blazers should not be short sleeve 7.tuck ur collaret into ur camisole 8. no black gown etc. like I said, they were a lot. but the ceremony was a 1 or 2 hr program. Why disobey?
after the ceremony, comes the enrollment at the Supreme Court. that was another stress. i got to the SC late at was at the back of the queue. i had to call my friend who left before me to help me, and i was able to get in her front. even at that it was still a while. I got to the SC around 12 and i left around 3, 3 hours of queuing.
WELL, the main event started after then when i went to meet them at the reception (i forgot to mention that my parents came in a day to the ceremony and we started the enjoyment with my uncle the host who did a beautiful job, and my parents surprised me with a huge cake and souvenir, it was amazing). there was eating, a lot of eating, and more eating, there was dancing, singing, gisting, congratulationssss, moneyyyyy, eating again, drinking, a little speech here and there. it was everything Amazing, it was wonderful to have my family celebrate me like that. it was so much love and I thank GOD for that.