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2021-08-04 22:13:15 (UTC)

Confused and can't sleep 😖

Something is going on with me that I don't understand. Yes, it of course involves a woman. I've been around the block a few times so it's not like I'm a teen experiencing things for the first time. My sweetie or should I should actually just say sweetie since she isn't committed to me or anything was having a terrible day. She was feeling down, sad, and shed a few tears. I don't even know the details of it all and it's irrelevant at the moment because the main thing was that she was feeling bad. Usually, like all my friends, I try to do what I can to make them feel better and to help in any way possible. But those feelings are from someone feeling sad or bad for a friend.

The feeling I'm having now is something I never felt before. I can't sleep and it's a little scary and confusing for me. So I'm feeling bad "for" sweetie and she knows how I feel for her. Due to Covid, I can't be with her. I am unable to dry her tear. I'm unable to give her a hug and say that everything will be ok. Even though it may or may not, sometimes all someone needs is just the power of a hug and to hear those words to feel better. The warmth of another living breathing being hugging you giving their aura to the other person to make them feel better. Nope, none of that since we are in a Covid situation. Can't even get mad at Covid because there is no one to really get mad at. It's just the situation at hand that the world is going through.

Anyway, the weirdest thing that is happening that took me awhile to even comprehend is that not only do I feel the same care for someone having a bad day but I am actually feeling what sweetie is feeling. It's like her feelings are somehow permeating out of me somehow. That never happened before. If you told me something like that is possible, I'd laugh at your face and say you shouldn't be doing drugs. But it's true. I feel what she is feeling. the pain she is going through and I don't even know what happened. Just the raw emotion of her hurt. To be honest, I'm a little scared because like I said, this never happened to me before. Again, I can maybe know how someone feels when going through something bad, but I never felt what they felt inside of me. This is so confusing. What the heck is going on? I mean, if this is real, then why can't I feel it when sweetie is having an orgasm instead? That I don't mind feeling. But no, I feeling what she is feeling. This again is something I never experienced before.

If someone knows what the heck I'm even talking about or experiencing and have some explanation of what's going on, please enlighten me. I usually never ask for an opinion here or I don't recall asking anyway but this got me baffled. I can't even sleep and I have an early start in the morning. I just feel this pain inside me that isn't even mine.

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