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2021-08-05 11:20:30 (UTC)

anger is a powerful motivation

So i use the bullworker for exercises. For those who don't know what it is it's a form of isometric exercises. It follows physics so i love it more. Newtons law that every action has an equal opposite reaction. So if you think about it its like this rubber band. So the weaker you are you can pull and compress it less. Stronger you get the more you can compress and pull it apart. The tension remains the same. So no need for a whole gym or a full set of dumbells. you use your own body as weights.

So in one of the exercises you pull it aparrt. SO when i do it i imagine myself with my claws deep in the chest of the scum i hate and me ripping him to pieces. Or your in prison and you wanna pull the bars apart. Anger works best.

Its thursday and i got two days of work then a day of rest and then the whole cycle starts again..



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