If I die today
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2021-08-04 13:26:22 (UTC)

1or2 a day

I started the 2 a day daily vitimains in replacement of my usual multi. I took one to start I started to get a little unwell feeling a round 9 I took it betwen 6and 630 food cured my weird feeling. so the vitimain is high piotency and also has d3 and idoine it so IDK how well it is to take with d3andidone I take but will continue to experment speccially since sun is limitied smokey air and all. plus the coldd/illness feeling better today overall but I'm dragging right now I kinda dont wanna go grocery shopping but it needs to be done I'm gonna try to tough it out and take cold meds before we go and apply some vicks. I ordered tp on amazon last week way to make me feel stupid said it was delivered by fedex yesterday but then the tracking said some address in IL. I thought I was being scammed got a refund and sure enough it showed up after I ordered from another seller the orginal tp showed up by ups. IDK what to make of that I'm having trouble canceling this next order so whatever. guess we're loaded. I'm dragging not feeling to great bc the headcold/illness ordeal so this is it.

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