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2021-08-04 14:40:00 (UTC)

man in my dream

I can't stop thinking about a dream I had recently, it didn't make much sense

I was on a beach, there were many people, it was very otherworldly and strange

There were two men, one around my age, the other about 20 years older
The older man grabbed my arm, saw my scars and got out his knife
He started carving into my arm

I wasn't scared as much as I was irritated
I snatched his knife and handed it to some random woman passing by and she threw it into the water

I grabbed hold of the younger mans face, and I told him very seriously "You need to get out of this."
He looked stunned
I had this feeling he was apart of something he shouldn't be apart of and I wanted to warn him

My thoughts keep circling back to the way he was looking at me, he felt too real, it was so strange