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2021-08-04 09:41:21 (UTC)

Friend in need 🥲

I communicated with someone I haven't seen in awhile. It was Loony-roomie's Sister. I guess due to Loony-roomie renting a room in my home for a year, we became friends or something like allies due to having the same enemy. hehe. Sorry, that does make me sound like a butt-hole huh? Loony-roomie's Sister's name is Nancy. Nancy told me she is trying to get in touch with Jenny. Jenny lives 16 min away from me. Jenny was Loony-roomie's high school friend. Nancy says that loony-roomie finally hit bottom from too much drinking. She had to be admitted into the hospital and was in the ICU. They supposedly will move her to Sacramento because she is so weak and needs to recover and rehab from going cold turkey and all that drinking gave her....pancreatitis. not sure on the spelling. Not sure what the heck pancreatitis is even. Sounds painful and I'm not even going to Google what that is. Don't really want to know.

Jenny doesn't answer to too many calls because she's way too busy being a single Mom. But....she answers my calls because I'm such a nice guy (don't vomit or choke when I say that). Anyway, I told her the situation and Jenny just flat out says she can't help at all. Helping loony-roomie will only be temporary and she will go back to drinking again (Per Jenny). She's probably right but don't leave your friends hanging. Jenny says school just started for her kiddos. Both are going to different new schools. She's busy with work and her promotion is kicking her butt having to work more hrs. She can't even finish remodeling her kitchen. So she says she can't and won't help. I told her sorry and I understand. Told her to act surprised when she finally picks up the call from Nancy.

Then I went back to Nancy and told her I can help with anything she needs. I knew Jenny wasn't going to help. So someone in Sacramento needed to. Nancy lives way up in Northern CA. I think the City is call Paradise. Don't let that name fool you. It got burned to the ground years ago and that City never really recovered. Nancy is just stuck there because their home didn't suffer major fire damage so they are back at their home but the City is in shambles. Loony-roomie will be moved to Sacramento for her care and will need simple things delivered/dropped off to her. She may be forced to go into assisted living? I think that's what Nancy said. I told her I can do that and if needed, Nancy and her husband can stay over at my place for a few nights if they need to come to Sacramento for any business with Loony-roomie. The drive back and forth would be too brutal and hotels/motels aren't cheap. So I gave what I could and offered what I had to them.

I know loony-roomie did me wrong but I can't hate someone or hold a grudge for long anymore. There was a time if you betrayed me, I'd hold it against you. But maybe I see better now and hating someone or holding a grudge only hurts me and my character in the long run. So that's what up with Nancy and her step Sister Loony-roomie.

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