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2021-08-03 19:01:42 (UTC)

Six more inches baby!! !🤪

Haha!! Gotcha. Not associated with my usual pervy thoughts this time. Just got home from gym and grocery shopping. Today's workouts were a lot of fun. I don't know how but I'm getting better at rowers now. Seems basic enough but with the right technique (there I go sounding like I know what the heck I'm doing) you can have more power without hurting as much. Go figure. Must be muscle memory and this coach always reminds us to breath properly. Not second nature when it's usually full on grunting but.... learning to breath in and out at the correct time actually does make a difference. Then we also had jump ropes at one station and I got that down pat so I pretty much am just showing off at that point.

But the biggest thing I did today that I never did before was jump higher on my box jumps. I only recently went up to 24" but my friend sort of peer pressured me into 30" That's not easy for someone that is 5'6". Maybe the Amazon blonds in our class can do it but I was tentative. Anyway, I shook off the fear and before class started, I gave it a try. Almost crashed and burned all because I was scared. There is my little issue with my beat up neck so I was nervous. Then you know, there is a point in life where you just tell yourself... effe-it!!! Just do it!! So I tried again without fear this time and I landed it. All by luck. Then I tried again and again till I finally understood what all parts of my body needed to do to make it up there. So now, I am awaiting another participation trophy for being able to make 30" jumps consistently. Not too many people can go this high in the gym. Maybe 6 total that I've seen. Usually the taller dudes but a couple shorter but stronger guys can do it too. Now I am one of them. Yay me!!!! So that's why I put that tittle there.

Work was productive. I helped a customer fix their Network problem even though it had nothing to do with my network. Again, just using common sense to isolate the problem and get it remedied. I didn't do squat really. Just pointed them in the right direction and I come out smelling like roses.

Also, I got word from Superstar. She's back from her semester at Mexico. I bet she probably helped build a few churches or something like that while there. Kidding :) She's that goody-goody. She said we should meet up for lunch with her and her Sister to catch up. I'm ok with it. Just need to be good for a few more weeks while I'm on this challenge. I can't seem to break that 165 lb threshold. But I'll see what happens at the end of the week. Just eating right and no wine. That's all I can do. I already double up on my normal weekly gym sessions so I know that isn't it.

That's all I got for now. It ended up being a fantastic day and more fantastic days to come for sure. Good night sweetie 😘