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2021-08-03 22:41:23 (UTC)

3rd of August, 2021

10:41 PM CEST

For once, there's really not much to write. I did the usual stuff. The only highlight was my sister making popcorn and hot chocolate for the two of us. That was nice. And new. Not at all repetitive, which is basically what my life has become. Good news though; I'm starting school next Tuesday!

Most people my age wouldn't count that as good news...or anyone at all. Nobody REALLY enjoys school, right? Or looks forward to it? At my old school, I sure as hell didn't look forward to it, but this is a new school. Read: new. Maybe there's hope for my social life after all. Though I doubt I will say more than a word to my new classmates without folding like a little, wet noodle.

Note to self; new things...Good