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2021-08-03 19:20:05 (UTC)

The Key To Not Being Bitter?

I think maybe on a subconscious level (or something), I thought my husband hated everyone like I did. Probably because he made fun of everyone. Still, that wouldn't quite make sense, considering he constantly made friends and was sociable. He didn't actually make fun of them behind their backs, either. That's actually hateful behaviour. No, he would make fun of them right to their face! Now, if you're over-sensitive, it might piss you off. But, that's a genuine person right there. People that are blunt, even if they piss you off, are honest and trustworthy, perhaps more so than people who reserve their opinions. Me, I'm just trying to avoid conflict. I don't want the stress. I usually don't talk about anyone behind their back, unless it's someone really aggravating. Someone whom everyone dislikes. A bully who just says mean things to you and about you and not in a "poking-fun-at-you" kind of way.

Anyways, I've been saying that I needed to learn how to laugh at the world. The stupid people still piss me off. I thought they pissed my husband off too. I'm not so sure... I think he was too busy laughing at them to be genuinely mad.

Never stop laughing at the stupidity of the world. Laughing at it, chips away at it's power. The stupid people still might rule (not naming names πŸ˜‰), but by laughing at them, it at least takes away from the complete despair you might otherwise feel.

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