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2021-08-03 08:23:41 (UTC)

Semi Sexy dream 😋

Rarely do I dream of romantic or sexy scenarios. Not sure why but it is what it is. Last night, I had one. Can't remember all the details because dreams sort of just phase in and out without any sort of sequence. Anyway, I recall seeing shelves. I'm guessing I was at a Supermarket because there were other people around. I was with someone and I was reaching out for something on a shelf higher up and to my right. My gal was with me standing next to me to the right. So I was reaching for whatever it was I was reaching for and my gal decided to tease me by leaning forward purposely making sure her chest was pressed against my arm as I was reaching out for what was on the shelf. She just looked at me with the best innocent face she could make but she was being a little devilish and we both new it. I couldn't do anything of course being in public. She was wearing a purple top and it was an artificial fabric like a rayon or nylon type of material. I somewhat recall black or blue buttons. Pretty vague now that as the day goes one so I figure I post it here now.

The scene all of a sudden just changed. It's a dream so that's how it goes. I was standing behind her this time and we were somewhere else more private. Standing behind her, my hands and lips of course had control because her back was towards me so she couldn't do much. I had my fingertips barely touching the side of her face, going down to her neck and just by doing that, it made her moan just a little and she closed her eyes. I kept my hands gliding down slowly down the side of her chest but not touching her breasts then down to her thighs. All the time, not touching anything private of hers. It only made her push her butt back towards me trying to make contact but by that time, my hands were near her hips so I made sure to keep her from any extra contact except maybe just the perimeter of our naked bodies. All she could do was tilt her head back and that's when I started kissing her neck softly and gently with a little bit of tongue intermittently licking and tasting the side of her neck. I finally turned her around and finally used my mouth to get to 2nd base. hehe. Then before I knew it, I woke up. Game over!!! Dang it!!!!! I wasn't done yet. Sigh.. Woke up with my usual issue so that's the way my day started.

Went to my morning gym class and it was Tabata day today. Big time high intensity cardio. Perfect day for this so I could get the.......struggle and frustration outta me. 🤪 Men, I tell you. We are dogs sometimes. Well more than sometimes but...... Anyway, it will be a busy day at work so I gotta focus. Good morning sweetie

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