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2021-08-03 15:10:15 (UTC)

'tis a slow tuesday

less people around me.... good.
doing my work without getting disturbed....very good
have to talk to fewer idiots....excellent

can't wait for evening when i will have to come across clients who actually are good and polite.

being the type of person who can sit all day and be busy and not have to talk to anyone is me.
sitting at the doctors waiting for my turn. Some people become restless. Mostly all are glued to their phones. Some have their friends to talk to who tag along. ME. i can sit and stare at the painting at the wall for hours. I can run whole movies in my mind and not move a muscle. it comes in handy a lot. Especially waiting in the queue and you hear humans yelling from behind to hurry up and you just stand there and be like meeehhhh...

i would very much love to engage in a discussion about the intellectual aspect of life. for small talk...nope.

I've had people ask me things and i reply to them with one word hoping they get the hint. Other times i've talk so much i can see their awkwardness and want to


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