Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-03 04:34:50 (UTC)

It’s late time to go to bed

It’s late I should be in bed but I feel like putting my thoughts somewhere kinda gatthering them and that might prevent me from going to sleep so might aswell do this 1st I think I made two diary entries so this a 3rd day one I ended up going to michals with my family I bought some beads (a lot of beads)more fake ivy a sketch book and something I hopefully can sew on I didn’t ship the
Converse shoes I let my parents do that I told them what to do hopefully they do it correct hopefully I can stop relying so much on them and have my own separate life where I don’t rely on them

The local michals had not much beads I wanted so I can’t make one of my styled bracelets again. I have to make a new one unless I have egnough old beads for one more which I’m not sure

I got a tofu press shipped to my apartment and I still need to figure it out

I go to work tommorow im so nevous I wanna catch the bus but it’s going to be early tommorow 1pm

My flower crown flew away of my head sorry this is just werid tangents tonight

I think writing about escaping my parents is intresting I wanna do it again and make it permanent like what I do with the freedom what I have the energy to do with them gone it’s way more fun then writing about being with them but today was kinda exciting

I bought different types of icecream 4 types also a white basket from goodwill

I’m out of money but I have another paycheck but it has a low amount
And I cant cash it tried and I’m doing something wrong

I realized I still feel like a teenager the part time job doesn’t help also my parents assistance and the selling clothes online i feels so young
I’m actually 23
I supposed to have autsim so that doesn’t help too also that I started missing my magical Kelly dolls I had as a kid and teen

I see my friend on thursday

I have this weird relathionships with the color pink I can’t stand it in my decor (Magenta’s okay) I have a bit of it in my decor but I just hate the color I just want to save money so I haven’t removed it yet Completly anyway so i like the idea of dating a girl (lgbt) that likes pink a lot maybe pink hair but I personally don’t want in my apartment or house or on me

(Oh and I read the after ward book)

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