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2021-08-03 02:08:15 (UTC)

My Musical Addiction I Must Quit For At Least A Few Days...

I listened to my top 5 favorite Grimes songs just now, but I have to give up her music, until at least Saturday, if not longer. I can listen to any other kind of music.

Last year, at the beginning of the year, I got so obsessed with the song "Sanctuary" by Joji, that I made myself not listen to it for a whole entire week.

I think listening to Grimes' music at this point, is causing me anxiety rather than easing it. That is because I've simply had enough for now. I need to let go for just a little while. There's plenty of other music to listen to.

One addiction I don't have to give up... Loki. I honestly, havebthat one under control. I watch, at the most, 20 minutes of Thor every night, often only 5-10 minutes. I often stop the movie and turn off the TV before I go to sleep, as well!

On my break at work I watch Loki Tik Toks that are on YouTube. Among the YouTube videos I watch outside of work are Tom Hiddleston and/or Loki edits, but the stuff I have been watching the most of on YouTube is (surprise, surprise) Mario Maker and also... CinnamonToastKen.

As far as Mario Maker goes, I started watching CarlSagan42 a short while ago. I know there's more Mario Maker players out there, but I can only watch so much Mario Maker. I have checked out other's playthroughs and the 4 people I watch now, are my favorites.

I watched PangaeaPanga for a little while. He's a very skilled player, but he's a little too salty all the time. Lol.

Well... I'm going to go watch Thor now. I'm actually halfway through it. It has taken me a week and a half just to get halfway through it! Lol. It's also my fifth time watching it (since I first saw it years ago!). Also, I tend to re-watch Loki scenes... I mean, of course. 😉

❤❤❤ Loki ❤❤❤