Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-02 21:07:00 (UTC)

Messed up a little

I thought I lost my card but I didn’t lose it and it’s late so I’m asking my dad to ship the shoes to the customer I lost money this time the shoes are the exact same price as the shipping I’m losing money on the purchase I think
I guess I got it to go to someone who might like the item I might have to pay my parents back i don’t want to see them but decided to go to target to buy more wash clothes and makeup with my mom (even though I suck at makeup)
Should start not seeing them this week they still have my towels and stuff. So might aswell do something with them my mind says I’m so klutzy and unfocused by myself I barely get things done it’s hard with disabiltys to get away from them also my anxiety but I I think have to do I’ll try again how can I help someone else if I can’t help myself? Also how can I fill my cup if it’s running on empty sometimes I snap at my friends by mistake like little ways that are kinda mild I think they know it’s not on purpose I’m trying to chill I think I just
need to fill up my cup

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