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me and my life
2021-08-02 20:03:34 (UTC)

Mind blown

So as I anticipated, G is not coming to meet me which I came to know now. He I directly told me that you know I was checking tickets but I giess i need to do rcpt to and fro my travel. So ?? I got upset quickly but i did not show him on other hand I also understand that he hasany expenses to make to meet me andaybe its too early for him tl do or i dont know am.just giving benefit of doubt. But, i also feel that one must not promise if you cannot do it. I want to draw a line with him. I guess he is taking things too easy unlike me. I unnecessarily dreamt abojt many things huh.. biy i was so right with my instincts. Am sad 😪

R is i guess oit of question, now P is in the picture. He frames well but i did nlt like his looks. He is below average looking guy. I may not look good together. Huh whats happening my mind is blown literally brain fucked.
Tomorrow is my vaccine am excited hehe...
Today i felt like crying for no reasons but also for many reasons. Am clueless about future.