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2021-08-02 14:33:44 (UTC)

Rant: Failed State

Personal entry follows. This is just me blowing off steam, really.


So, what is the job of the government? I'm not sure government in the USA knows what it's doing, or if it is trying to do something, it's too incompetently-structured to do the job.

Preserve public safety? Nobody trusts the cops and the military is a bloated agency reviled by the rest of the (sane) world.
Preserve public lands? Fracking. Pollution. Reckless energy consumption. No large-scale, persistent recycling program. Disaster response is inevitably, consistently a mess, stalled by bureaucratic nonsense.
Preserve public infrastructure? Federal and state highways are a mixed bag. When was the last airport or railway built in the United States?
Preserve public health? Pandemic response was/is a train wreck. Quarantine is unenforced. Mask mandates and vaccine mandates are "voluntary." No one seems to understand how and why there's now a resurgence of COVID. Oh, and how well do you take care of military veterans?
Preserve the economy? Minimum wage is encouraged to stay as low as possible. Eviction moratoriums expired. Banks are bailed out for being terrible at their job. Real estate is left to crumble by absentee landlords, who then raise rent on the properties they choose to maintain because of a "housing shortage" they themselves manufactured. Unions have been crushed and no one in power supports the worker.
Educate children? ...Nope. Meanwhile if you're older, your school loans are putting you in more and longer debt than car payments and in some cases, more than house payments.

I can't think of any single public agency that gets things done.

After this weekend, there will be even more masses of USA citizens living in tents, starving to death. Eviction moratoriums expired yesterday. Intelligent, hard-working people who had absolutely -nothing- to do with the fact they were forced out of work are now homeless. ...I mean, come ON y'all. You can't care, even just a little bit?

Dear Government: at least -try- to conceal the fact you all want to be Jeff Bezos, and that you hate us nobodies.