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2021-08-02 22:42:01 (UTC)

good things never last..

sadness with nostalgia is a very powerful heavy feeling which crushes anything new and exciting you want to do right now in life. I think im feeling that now.
Everything is changing. Change is change. bad or good depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on. the one making money.. or the one where your expectations are crushed.

from music to movies to tech stuff, everything was better when we turn back the clock a few decades ago. A long list of disappointments which got built up in me and couldn't take it longer so i did what i know best. isolate. Music is getting worse. HEMAN was a huge disappointment. the kid in me was totally pissed off. Instagram is also gone to the dark side of making money and not thinking about its users. Its like everything good the small things which made up my life is now lost. may seem trivial to many of you but to me it's a big deal. I had such good memories with the app. it made me feel less alone finding people of the same taste in music and art. now it's all about cheap vidoes from tik tok. i want to exterminate that platform from existence. go back in time and stop it from being created. then maybe instagram would still stay true to it's once glorious past. everything started going downhill after tik tok exploded. its the source and has to be exterminated. same with hollywood, the movies getting ruined by this feminist crap. sports also being made political. everything is just messed up. i miss the simple days where men used to be men and women used to be women.

saddens me that there is nothing left out there good and tangible in the world. everything mutates into something it normally wouldn't become. a small business which looked like it cared for the towns folk but then became rich and became toxic to the very people who supported it. its like seeing your offspring take a good start at childhood but then grow up to be some sort of a disappointment. there is nothing you can do about it. i feel fragmented. nothing stable in me. i need an anchor.