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2021-08-02 16:24:56 (UTC)

Manipulating Teenagers....easy peasy :))

So cosy indoors and enjoying my break off work (the day job) so far this week. Me and the girls (my daughter and her best friend) went hiking today, I kinda tricked them a bit, LOL, saying we're only going for a short walk, hahaha....We weren't, but I took them for an awesome trek through the countryside and down to a gorgeous lake, with ducks and koi that they both loved. The rain stayed off and my daughter called me a "massive turd" for taking them on a long hike, two hours and twenty minutes in total. LMAO....but when we got back, they chilled out to a film cuddling kitty and I made them some lunch and all was good.

I began to drift off to sleep and then the NHS called me to confirm the booking for my daughter's regular immunisation due that she missed school. So that woke me up and no nap proceeded.

I didn't hear from Prime today until just after 2 pm which I didn't see till just after 4 pm and was glad to not hear anytime sooner than that because I do not want to see him, and I do not want to have sex with him and I want nothing to do with him. And if he tries to bribe me to do so for another of the same make of company car I have now, well I'll be strongly considering what to do next because I am not putting up with that shit. Think that is called sexual harassment.

Nothing from Johnny today.
Ed messaged about five days ago but I've not bothered responding, he is just another sleaze after sex and nothing more. I have nothing I want to offer him or any other man who thinks I am fuck toy. Fuck off, fuckboys.

I've downloaded a grow your veg and garden planner app that is really cool, tells you when to seed and then plant and best areas for certain veggies, herbs. My garden is south facing so perfect for growing, I've favourited a greenhouse too and some raised planters and pots for the seedling stage. I'll get it all set up by the end of this month. I'm looking forward to this, we eat so much veg and salads that this will be perfect for us. Johnny said I shouldn't bother with chickens just buy the eggs, lol.

He is becoming quite dominating over me like he feels he owns me. I am not submissive towards him though, neither even thinking I would want to be and neither am I naturally steering that way towards him. I am only submissive when I am in love, for the man I love. Not a boyfriend, a fuck friend, or some dom. It's not even a thing, it just is the way I am, I like my man to lead and be final decisions after we have spoken about whatever the subject is, but that's because I was brought up in a household like that as a young girl. I'm traditional and I like the roles of masculine and feminine, I think it is a natural order in humans.

Oh, the evening job is over!! Yeah, not by my fault though or theirs. They wanted to insure me while working for their business in the evening which is fine to do but my company (day job) told me I cannot use the car for deliveries, even if the evening job insures me under their business insurance. So it is what it is. I have already looked at some other evening work, and they are working from home, very good hourly rate working in B2B, which I am adept in already. So there are a few to choose from and I am just deliberating over which to give a go. It'll still be an extra 1k plus a month which will help provide extras for my daughter.

So onwards I go, always more opportunities out there :))

Johnny just text me, "So what have you been doing on your day off then?"