Becoming quietly confident
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2021-08-02 15:26:06 (UTC)


I feel like I am checking so many boxes lately that have been unchecked for years!
I ordered a new kitchen table that will be here this Friday to replace the nearly broken one we are using now. I ordered wood for the pergola that will stretch the front of our house and support a large wisteria that is currently too close to our foundation. that will be here Saturday. That sister in law is helping me give away a mower that has sat dead in our yard for 10 years now. That one was a little tricky, after it was lined up my brother in law told my husband about it and my husband said no, he didn’t want it to go. You can NOT get a yes from him and then tell him it’s going. You just have to get a ‘yes’ and then remind him after it mysteriously disappears that he said it was ok. But I got a yes again and it should be gone Thursday! And another bathroom quote happens on Wednesday. Full full week. Hopefully my husband isn’t reeling by the end of it, this might be too much all at once for a hoarder.

Oh and I finally got a fully enclosed pop up tent up around our hobo hot tub! But my husband has not been feeling well the last couple of days so we haven’t used it yet.

One more week and I’m giving notice at work. I’m going to give them to the beginning of September for a quit date. I have started to word my notice to them. I have figured out that at very least I can freelance the same kind of work but in a different area (so I’m not competing with my boss) and still make as much as I do in this job now. But I’m not sure I want to start my own small business so I’ll probably just do things on the side and still find regular employment. Hopefully with a boss that doesn’t fire or make people want to quit every single week.

The apples on my tree are almost fully ripe, the blackberries are turning black, and my plums are almost ready. I have some work preserving everything soon. Capturing the harvest is all or nothing work. A full tree is ready almost at once. My grandmother (dads mom) taught my mom how to can and my mom taught me. It is almost the season.

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