Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2021-08-02 02:04:10 (UTC)

🎵Grimes🎶 & ❤Loki❤

I've decided not to worry about anything. Every now and then, when I catch some news, I get afraid, but that only lasts several minutes and I soon get distracted by my hobbies, whatever it is that I'm doing, and/or thoughts. I always have an obsession or 2. I watch some of Thor (the first movie) every night because I really have a thing for Loki. It's actually so comforting to watch. My other obsession is Grimes' music. I'm not sure I've ever been more obsessed with any kind of music ever. I listen to her for hours and I get transported to another world. Usually, I don't get anything done because her music is so mellow, but today I cleaned my room quite a bit while listening to her music. I often fall asleep to her music. I often fall asleep to the movie Thor, as well. These are my obsessions/addictions/comforts, as of now. Well, count God and Jesus, as comforts, as well. My number 1 comfort, Who I am very thankful to - that there are things in this world that can help me through, as well. If I lost those obsessions or moved on to new ones, I will always have God and Jesus, no matter what.

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