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2021-08-01 16:56:08 (UTC)

The road to invisibility 🥺

So I noticed about 5-6 months ago that I was becoming invisible to people again. I have a lot of friends and they keep me busy so I didn't notice it happening. Sort of creeped up on me. Also, when I went wine tasting with my friends back in February, I noticed my pants were too dang tight. I knew what that meant. I blamed Covid because it's an easier target and acceptable to everyone but I know it was just me having too much fun eating whatever the heck and drank whatever the heck I wanted. So I went from 160 to 174 lbs. Now I wasn't depressed or anything. I enjoyed life at any weight. haha. Just being more heavy was like proof that I was enjoying myself.

The bad thing? I went from somewhat of a V shaped body to an O shaped body. The one thing I noticed was that I was becoming invisible to everyone again. As a guy, you notice this easily because unlike women, you don't get attention like they do. A woman can just stand perfectly still and they'll be looked at. hehe. Slight exaggeration but you folks know what I mean. Men are dogs :) I just noticed the little things that was happening. No more extra conversations with the cashier at Starbucks or the Supermarket. No new little chit-chats at the gym from new gym peeps. No more strangers smiling back at you as you walk past them unlike before. All it took to turn invisible? Gaining 14 lbs. Yup. I'm saying it. The world can be unforgiving. I mean even at Costco, ringing my stuff up, the cashier wouldn't even say anything to me anymore. You can actually ring up your order without them saying a word to you. I know because it happened to me. The thing about this is that I didn't even notice it till around last week.

Last week, I lost a total of 9 lbs in this 3rd week of the six week challenge at my gym. I'm hitting a low of 165 lbs now. Still want to lose 5-10 more lbs. The change? I see strangers politely smiling or even say good afternoon to me as we walk past each other. Starbuck cashiers now chat a little longer with me sometimes. They're even talking about my old smartphone that I put down on the counter while reaching for my wallet just to chat or telling me about their personal drinks they like or don't like (BTW, stay away from that newer green cold drink because several of the employees there expressed their distaste in it🤮). Gym peeps not directly asking me out but nicely giving me little hints about wanting to go eat, hitting a micro brewery nearby, or having some coffee after class. Newbies at the gym initiates hellos to me again. I didn't even realize what happened. Only after I lost my weight that I noticed it. I became visible again. So to be visible, I needed to lose 9 lbs. I know this sounds really vain but this is what I feel is happening.

On the light side of things, I got my truck washed, kitchen cleaned (guy style), laundry caught up. Family room vacuumed, and I'm unusually inspired to clean my spare bathroom. It's only me and I don't even shower in it but meh, I think it's time. I don't enjoy scrubbing at all so instead, I cordless drill connected brush heads to do most of the work for me. Otherwise, it's been another drama free weekend except for that one little confession I told sweetie. That sure got the blood flowing a bit faster when I did that. Good night peeps. Back to my lazy ass cleaning ways.

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