no name
2021-08-01 16:16:40 (UTC)

A memo.

Oh to be kind. Kind to those you love. Kind to those you don't. Kind to those who love you. Play nice.
What does it mean to be kind? How do I act and where would that place me?
I am not noticeably polite. But I am not purposely rude. I am me, and I'm not sure that that's a good thing.

There's something so empty about this moment. I'm listening to a Jack Stauber song. It's quite bright outside. I have pink lemonade. I've been in this spot so many times before. In fact, I never left, I simply rearranged my room many times, so many times that I've forgotten how long I've been here. Nothing's changed. It's all the same and yet, I've done nothing. No memories have been made nor has anything notable been done. It's weird how little progress has been made. But really, I don't even know where I began or where I am now.

I erase it all before it can be used for me to tell. Just like how I rearrange my room. Delete entries. Tear out pages. Remove bookmarks. I have no idea where I am and no point in time to use as good reference. Why, why haven't I done anything. I bet people aren't even the solution to this problem. I simply can't do anything on my own.

I'm too forgettable. I need to create something. Anything of myself. A habit. A film. A book. A song. I just want to at least find myself in someone's memory if not the real world.

Nah. I take that back. I looked out the window and someone legit walked by and I remembered that I don't care. I don't wanna be seen. Like at all. Forget me all you want. I do not give a single-
Yeah anyways I'm gonna go watch every single series in existence. I'll catch yall in like a year.