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2021-08-01 15:30:52 (UTC)

Random Assortment - July 2021

The vibes are rancid.


Fade - Acoustic by Shauna Dean Cokeland [this girl isn't really popular yet but I enjoy her music. It reminds me of something I'd hear on early Night Vale]

Party People - Acoustic by Shauna Dean Cokeland

Garden of Eden by Billie Marten

Your Fine Petting Duck by Devendra Banhart

Duvet by boa

Happiness by Starry Cat [this song reminds me of early Modest Mouse or Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin—and the vocals are Alex G-ish.]

浮躁 (Fu Zao) by Faye Wong ["restless"—I'm sure I went over the translation last month. The more I listen to Mandarin Chinese, the more beautiful I find it]

Shame by Mitski

スクールフィクション by Kinoko Teikoku [here I am w my freaking Kinoko Teikoku again lmao. This one is "school fiction"? I love the pre-chorus so much]

Chicken by Parannoul

パラノイドパレード (Paranoid Parade) by Kinoko Teikoku [Still my fav ofc]

My Blue Heaven by Taking Back Sunday

Only in my Dreams by the Marias

動物的/人間的 by OGRE YOU ASSHOLE [Translation: High Tide]

Remember When by Wallows [I kept skipping this lmao, imo the only good part is the beginning]

What Once Was by Her's [same deal here—kept skipping, mostly bc I forgot that I don't typically like Mac DeMarco vibes]

Constant Headache by Joyce Manor [they recently released a re-mastered version of this album so I was listening]

About Today by The National [actually, likewise, they released this remaster so I listened to a couple of these songs. Tbh they reminded me very specifically of California. It's a bit of a buried memory, but when I lived there when I was 9/10, I remember listening a lot to Blood by the Middle East. So it wasn't even this song, but this gives me a similar sense of sadness/gratitude/resignation. Bittersweet. I don't think I actually listened to this song until middle school. And it was one of the only songs by The National that I liked at the time. That, and also Fake Empire and Cherry Tree.]

All The Wine - 2021 Remaster by The National

Cherry Tree - 2021 Remaster by The National

Oh! Starving by Car Seat Headrest [such a fucking good song. It also reminds me of a preoccupation I used to have, with all my meticulously organized digital information and the way that, despite it taking up memory space, it is as good as gone if I forget it's there—or if I die and no one bothers digging through my computer. And I also remember wondering/hoping there'd be people out there tasked with mining and preserving digital information on important figures, the way we save paper documents and notebooks and the original American flag, etc. I don't think that's the point of this song, but anyway.]

Not the Same Anymore by The Strokes [Me, Anya, Nadiya, and Maria were all driving back to Cambridge from the Six Flags. It was 9 PM and we were caught in such a bad storm that the Mass Pike flooded and we needed to go on backroads. I could only really see 20-30 feet in front of the car with the intensity of the rain—at one point I actually had to stop because it got worse—and the lack of street lights and the roads were so curvy and desolate. I was sort of anxious, I guess—leaning far forward in my seat to squint into staticky darkness. People kept passing my car because I was only going 30 mph on a 50 mph backroad, but bruh, I didn't wanna hydroplane. Plus, I felt responsible for keeping my friends safe and comfortable. I was happy that my friends could fall asleep in the back seat and that they didn't need to be afraid of, say, slipping spinning careening off a cliff.

Maria stayed up with me the whole time because she's the best passenger ever. We started out playing Doja Cat, then Tyler, the Creator, then we moved on to Mitski ("but not Mitski Sad"), and then for the last hour or so, we listened to this whole Album. It was nice.]

You Talk Way Too Much by The Strokes [I think this song played as I was navigating Cambridge once we finally made it back to the city. It was sometime past 11.]

976-EVIL by Deftones [the album art for this is so bad that I almost don't like this song on principal. If it were something cooler, like a Sunny Day Real Estate album cover, then I'd've had more respect for it, I think... such stupid reasoning but lmao I can't help it. It's a pretty good song tho.]

Chu Desu! by Chunnyt, Dodogo [i freaking love this song it tickles my brain]

in heat. by Hentai Xander [both the title and the artist name made me cringe so hard that I kept skipping it even though I'M the one that put it on my playlist. This song is so bad but also in some ways it also itches my brain, like ASMR D:]

Dream On by Mamoru Miyano [I can't waaaait til the new episode of Life Lessons w Uramichi Oniisan comes out tomorrow!!!]

Kimi was dekinai ko by Kikuo [first of all: I love Kikuo. All of their songs sound the same LMAO, but either way, it always be brain-tickling. I found this song on a "shinji kinnie" playlist because of course I did WHY. Anyway. Also it translates to "you're a useless child," or, according to some video that popped up, "Eres un niño inútil" lmao.]

My Time by bo en [I can't figure out this artist. It doesn't sound like they know Japanese well?..... But I'm not an expert in how it sounds... This song also itches my brain, but I don't like it as much. Still. Mmm. Delicious.]

The Show Must Go On - Remastered by Leo Sayer [this song is nightmareish but the middle bit where he's actually singing is pretty good]

Stereo by Pavement [Maria sent this to me. My association with Pavement is always 1. High School and 2. Eye-rolling. Like, Pavement is so long-hair 90s I'm Smarter Than You, yanno? But sometimes it is a vibe, gotta admit. I could never listen to this song casually, the talk-singing would be too distracting, but it's still pretty good]

Refrain Boy by ALL OFF [This is the ED for season 1 of Mob Psycho 100. Omg I fucking love that show. It's,.,,,,, really good. Also, the art animation for this ED was also so beautiful. I, like most people, really like the character of Reigan Arataka. I can't say enough abt this show it makes me so happy.]