Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-01 15:45:10 (UTC)

Everthings okay but I wish for better

I’m at my parents house I had laundry to do and I was scared I couldn’t get it done in time yesterday I didn’t looking back need to see my parents I just got scared and started doing it I could of took a Uber next time will have to be the last time at-least I got a break
I’m going to work today I really don’t wanna go I want to sell bracelets instead I only work two days of the week though so it should be okay I’m just kinda frustrated I hope my brain doesn’t go back to see my parents again (after this is all over)I had a horrible dream two days ago about staying with them but other then that my dreams are okay other then I keep dreaming about work and working two jobs though I don’ t technically work two jobs I do have a Depop i sell stuff at my speaking about that my dad said he would clean the converse I’m selling meaning more time till a reset(my efforts at cleaning them were bad I’m not selling shoes after this anymore) nothing bad is happening this time my dad bought me 3 box’s of Cheerios and soy milk to eat I opened my sewing machine in my apartment to
Try using it I think first I need to learn to thread the bobbin I have my dad the rice for the wild birds he feeds at work