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2021-08-01 04:20:01 (UTC)

Working out side effects 🤙

Some unintended side effects has been happening since working out mornings and evenings. One is that I wake up early now. At first, it'd almost require an act of God to get me up early. In the past, I've had to hit the snooze button a few around maybe 6 times. Actually, I set my Alexa to wake me up. That way, I didn't even have to hit a snooze button. I could keep my eyes closed and just tell Alexa "Snooze". Hehe. Then after awhile, I was able to get up without hitting the snooze button. Later still, I can now get up without an alarm. I must've kidnapped myself and replaced myself with a fake Mondo. Going through a lot of laundry too. Didn't realize going to the gym in the morning and again in the evening racks up a ton of laundry. As far as wine, I don't crave it anymore. Not a thought I'd think 4 weeks ago. Also the libido thing.. if I needed more of that. It gets worse when you work out more.

Well, I haven't brewed my coffee yet so I'll get to that now. Thinking of a certain sweetie this morning. I have an extra reason to smile today because because. Thinking of my sweetie. She actually isn't mine. Just wanted to see how it looks like written down. Happy Sunday peeps. I'm sure I'll post again shortly as a lot of things are rattling around in my brain today.

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