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2021-08-01 08:29:04 (UTC)

Flu is what it is!

August 1, 2021

Following is what will soon be posted on sites that let you know the truth, and wanting to control what is seen and heard by Americans as well as the people of the world. Be prepared as already have many sites showing this warning and forcing you to leave as it has Malware, which it doesn't. Just words that the government does not agree with.

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Website blocked due to reputation
Website blocked:

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks pages that come from websites with relatively light traffic and have been reported to have malicious activity. If you trust this website, please click CONTINUE TO SITE. Otherwise, choose GO BACK.
We strongly recommend you do not continue.

This new strain of bullshit (flu) is like any other. as any virus, can and will change every minute of the day. Not just hours, or minutes, but in seconds. As soon as you received that very first needle in your arm, you were a new test for all these want to be inventors of cure. No not cure, but $$'s signs were dancing in the heads of those in power and control. I feel so sorry for those that are falling for this bullshit! I really do, But, when you reach an old age such as mine, all we can do is warn you and hope that we are listened to. We will soon be shut up, after all control is what the powers to be want.

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