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2021-07-31 22:45:47 (UTC)

Am trying!!!

I've been hearing a lot about the new normal, what is the new normal now days, to not leave your house withouth a mask on, to make sure you take your tempeture before entering any store, to use gel every single time you either touch money or go in to a store. This all is BS, I know the corona virus is real, am not saying it's not, but they are so many other virisus we have all servived why was this one so darn difrent? a lot of people died, with influenza, and spanish flu, yet nodoy asked us then to wear a mask, we are talking virisus doesn't mean a stupid mask is going to protect you from that. I use to see all these things back in the movies when I was a kid and thought it was very frighting and now is a reality, what else are we going to be facing, not being able to go back to school for our children has been aweful and we have adapted. But I just wonder how much longer in till the riots and people going unsane killing eachother starts to occur, is it truly nonsense and scary thoughts but it is a rialy to how are you dealing with all of this from your neck of the woods? Sorry just trying to get trough one more day without having to kill anybody myself. Not my best day today!

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