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2021-07-31 20:03:00 (UTC)

Self Sustainability

I'm so thrilled to see countries across the globe protesting for our free will and human rights. It's a long time overdue, we should've done this many moons ago for the famine and the people who needed us, but self-sustainability is part of human natures inbuilt survival traits. In this case, the singular person losing their freedom to move about as they wish and their free will to choose against imposing medical vaccinations. Yet, the years upon year's of taxation, poverty driven by the greed of governments and of the people was never noticed enough to stand ground for.

But freedom? Yes, everybody wants their free will to decide what they do, many have had that stripped from them their entire lives, some in the short lives they lived on earth before it took their very lives.

Britain, France, Italy, Hungary, Cuba, Africa, Australia, China, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Phillipines, Thailand, Belgium, Bosnia, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Alberta, Brazil, Columbia.....

All have protested in hundreds and thousands and millions for a stop to the medical tyranny and draconian measures imposed on the publics human rights and free will. England saw 2 million protesters on June 26th 2021 in the streets of London. And by July 26th 2021, hundreds of thousands in London and also in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Interestingly, nothing note worthy in America....Yet...but there will be.

We need to do more.

I'll be setting up my garden in August, growing plenty of vegetables. My daughter and I, our diet is mostly fresh vegetables and receipes I've created over the last year, we do eat fish too and chicken but it's only a consideration right now to get a chicken coop built for our eggs and chicken. We have a lot of eggs too.

And after much thought, I think we can do without buying a generator. The water is collectable via water tubs in the garden and filtering it, electricity isn't a necessity for the short window it will be out.

Cuba government are already restricting their electricity for four hours a day per resident.

The weather is not natural cycles worldwide, some is, but not all. Brazil is a prime example four days ago where they were abruptly hit by snow blizzards after blazing hot sunshine. Brazil have not seen snow since 1956.

Reduce screen time and attachments to it. Start growing foods and ways to manage with interruptions of no electricity.

And without sounding to dark, if the very worst happens like nuclear hits, I will not be like an American burrowing underground camps and survival weaponry. We will go down with the nuke and join the side that's much sweeter "up there".