La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-07-27 15:50:57 (UTC)

soon I hope!

A perfect day for me at this moment would be to be at the beach, with no worries in the world listening to the sound of the waves, the seaguls afar making that peculiar noise, and my feet feeling the sand. There is a picture in my head of a time of peace, the autumn leaves falling and hitting my face with that slow motion hitting softly at a glips of a frown, the smell of fresh cut branches wood burning in the fireplace, the coozy warmth from the jacket that seems to hug me tight. I drink and sip my coffe slowly and think of nothing but this perfect moment in time. I try to do this in the moments that I feel happy and go back to them when I need to remind myself how fortunate I've been. Then I smile and feel grateful for having been able to endure all the hardships in life, man I just realized this entree sounds like a good bye letler. But is not I promise. I feel tired of always trying to keep up with life, and am learning just to apreciate the small moments, I have to confess I have less of these moments latly I use to create them in my head but also got to have them in person. Know I need to fight for my alone time and struggle to stay and keep my self in a posite note, before I was happy all the time and searched for even hapier moments and now is takes a lot out of me to find my happy place, even though being alone makes me happy.

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