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2021-07-31 17:20:34 (UTC)

Money owed, Friend ride

‎Saturday, ‎31 ‎July, ‎2021

Oldman's room of TRUTH!

Been a busy day so far, as had a friend wanting a ride to pawn some things off for whatever reason. Pawning is not any good, and just puts you behind even more. Went and picked him up where he was located then gave him a ride to where he wanted to go. Just said ok, and not right, but what is right or not right in todays world? Whatever is said or did or anything that is none of my business remains mthat way, unless something makes it my business, which is seldom if ever. Just say to those wanting to know, Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lie's, or hell with it, None of my business what I did or anyone did, as only their business or my business. Strange as all hell as A bentonville patrol wagon was sitting in front of this place, think gathering plate numbers for whatever reason. Must be dope dealers or something going on their. Again could care less, but didn't bother me, so none of my business.
Well, did get the $250.00, from care takers as to the Electric $5000.00 making p-payments on as well as pest control. Now, just waiting to see i9f I have to ask fo0r the monies back last month that was suppose to go to some jerk that was going to wait for the two hundred dollars. Never showed up, but still want my half of that money back from the caretakers. I know that they didn't forget it, after all how could they as stated to them if they didn't get the electricidal to sign the bill that he billed two hundred dollars for then I want my half of that money back. End of month and waited long enough but will wait until the third to see if it is forth coming or not. Hate trusting people as they always try to pull something and I am getting really tired of the crap. After all I also have bills to care for and know they have no where near what I do plus gets a lot more than I do, Even three hundred dollars in food stamps and I can't even get that. Which sure as hell would help me a lot. But, what the hell. Waiting for that money still and best be by third of month as tired of being used by people that have it made and they don't think so.

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