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2021-07-31 16:47:39 (UTC)

Wet Tee Hiking, Lol

Very odd weather in the UK today I had my washing out on the line, it was sunny but not hot then all of a sudden, a downpour of heavy aggressive sleet!! Sleet in July? What the hell? I filmed it, and it lasted ten minutes maybe, and then it stopped as suddenly as it started, and the sunshine beamed again, whaaaaaat!?

My phone pinged from one of my outdoorsy dating apps, a few guys had shown an interest in me, and I answered one of the guys and then as randomly as the sleet and sunshine came, so did my decision to chuck on my walking gear and go for a countryside walk through the woodlands. I cut the conversation short with the guy and, off I went to take advantage of the sunshine.....go fuck yourself RAIN.....because haha, as Phil, my pal was on loudspeaker/video on my phone tucked into my arm phone holder, the heavens opened up. Oh my god, it CHUCKED it down, heavy, fast, rain with howling winds!!! And yes, I was drenched so much that I couldn't even wipe my hands as the rain-soaked my t-shirt, hiking leggings and me so much it just poured over me continuously, and no amount of standing under trees helped. It was that aggressive, LOL....I said to Phil, "Fuck it, Im just going to keep walking and enjoy the rain!" I had no choice anyway by that point I was deep in the countryside surrounded by woodlands. So I kept walking and continued walking for another hour totally drenched, haha.

You don't realise how tiresome you become hiking in the rain. It can be disorientating. It's not until you get home, have a lovely hot shower and sit down that you realise how tired you feel.

I am not working tonight. There is a problem with my company insurance documents for the evening job company. They want to insure me also, which they can do but, I already have business insurance on my company vehicle and, it only states the insurance with the company name, not me as a named driver. It won't either because I am insured to drive any of their cars or HGV's as are all my other colleagues who work for them. But the night job company want my name on the insurance, which they won't get, told them this already, so as it stands until I can talk to my fleet management on Monday, I won't be working the evening job.

My daughter is having her best mate stay over tomorrow night, and we're going to see the new suicide squad at the cinema too. Looking forward to seeing that it looks good, I liked the first film.

Gonna get some dinner on and stick a film on and give Phil a call back in a little while. "Fingers" messaged me but I can't be bothered with responding because we were meant to be pals now, but it turns out, that he can't be bothered with a palsy drink to catch up, which means, he was only after a "friends with benefits" situation and I won't be giving him that.

Nothing from Johnny the Psychiatrist, guess he found himself someone else or he bottled it, LOL....Is what it is. I'm chilled and in the mindset that a time will come when I will meet someone who is genuinely for me, in a natural timeline scenario. All who I met previously were not for me. Excited to meet him though, I've got a lot of loving to give :)) and goddam I need some juicy cock, definitely miss sex!

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