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2021-07-31 12:34:17 (UTC)

One of these mornings...

i'ts a beautiful song by Moby. Just two lines in the whole song and much better than the popular garbage thats getting shoved on air right now.

So i have a beef with mornings. I don't like it. If morning was a person walking my way i would turn around and avoid at all costs. If morning was a prisoner in my dungeon i would torture it all day.

Me being a ruler i would have my slaves do all the morning routine and i would awaken from my slumber late evening and start my day. I know some of us are built for mornings and some arent. The world is treating us night crawlers unfairly. Making us succumb too your morning rise and shine bullshit.

I have two alarms. One goes at 9:11am. I like to keep them on odd numbers, introduce a bit of chaos. That one is on my phone. I'ts the siren from the movie The Purge. With that one i get up from bed like a zombie and shut it off and back in bed. Then i have another alarm clock seperately on my desk which goes the usual beep beep at 9:29 am. This means get the fuck outta bed. So it takes me that much time between the alarms to wake up enough to actually wake the fuck up.

In all of my decades here i have never enjoyed mornings. I had 7am college for years. hated it. I had my night shift from 10pm to 6am and i loved it.

There is something about the night that is calming and peaceful. When the rest are asleep you can do your job at ease. Now you must know i live in a city where traffic rules are something unheard of and honking is done by the minute all day long. SO yes over the years my agony has built up and i don't like mornings. If i were growing up on a small town or a farm. then yes. Watching the sun rise on a grateful universe. yes that would work for me. but here these fucking assholes of indians and their inability to follow rules has once again ruined something else for me.

if i start keeping tabs on my likes and dislikes it all stems from the enviornment i live in. I know will be the same for all you humans out there.


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