If I die today
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2021-07-30 12:57:21 (UTC)

update what I have

I wrote eariler today about what I have and well I deleted it by accident as my following entry posted twice. grr I aimed at the wrong one. Well physcial same old same. heres some thoughts though I would like to pay off my parents and maybe even help my mom pay for her next medical things for the thryoid or whatever issue. Assuming after all things are paid I would want the rFoste's to get a fair rent of 300 for december 2019-April 2019 I owe them. First thou I would want any deadly expsences handled to not leave a burden and its unlikely I'll have a penny left but one can wish or hope. I'm not so much wanting to donate or give to any charity or business. oh and even if I checkout this world I would just for justices sake even if I never see it I would want the divorce to be fufilled and completed. althou it would be meaningless I suppose since a deathdoes us part still theres a certian justice in having the complete after all thats been wrong with everything the marriage the divorce that process even now I feel an injustice on the atty charges but thats that and I need the help I'm desprate. Speaking of depsparte yup I just ordered a 30$ waterfilter from amazon. I was gonna go ahead and get the 5pack for 80$ but that sold out too before I could make a judegement on it. Anyhow nDea is feeling a fever and not well so I better go focus on him thats what matter

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