Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-07-30 18:25:49 (UTC)

7th day of nc from mom geeking out

I am going to play board games a night a 7pm I hope my new friend thinks my outfit is cool wearing a fairy outfit with a flower crown

I bought some elf/fairy ears from Depop
I also bought a butterfly sunflower throw from Amazon
I also bought a red flower crown from Poshmark
Idk what else I’m going to buy I need to look at what’s important or what’s going out of season

My dad came in with some eye glass cleaner

I read more of my book

I studied Spanish I need to write it in a note book

Edit I’m scared of several things I’m worried she won’t like my sexuality and be rude though she watches stuff with queer people in it
Once she finds out I’m worried she will not like me I’m worried she will be scary and we won’t be friends anymore I’m worried I’m sick because I got nauseas eating (though I think I’m fine) micrwable food makes me nauseous sometimes

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