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2021-07-30 09:58:48 (UTC)

Cha-Ching!!! 🥂

Holy moly!! I just saw my electronic deposit in my bank acct! Got our raise. Anyway, the net is all that counts and I love it. I have a nice $524 net raise per month!!! While I may have mis-projected my pay from that sheet I reviewed but I am not complaining about the "gifted horse in the mouth". I now gross $123K annually but they love to tax the heck out of single dudes with no dependents so they take a big chunk out monthly. Just the taxes is some people's pay. Makes me a little sick but that's the cost of living in Murica. Gotta pay to play.

Gym was fun this morning but I was still hurting a little from the previous two day's double workouts. I was maybe at 80% and today was AMRAP day so it's a set amount to do in a min per station and we do it for 6 times per station. There were 5 stations. Good thing the gym is closed on Fridays afternoons. I didn't get much sleep last night and I was tired this morning. We are back to masks as I indicated here in CA. It sucks but I gotta do what I gotta do.
Patricia (The blond) came over to chat with me during and after class. But hey, she's shorter than I am. A shorter blond!!! Yay!!! hehe. Enough of these tall Amazon big boned blond women already. 😱

Logged into work and I already had to take off running and a lot of hand-holding for this specific group of customers. It's ok but I have to repeat myself so many times to have that IT stuff trickle into their head. I mean some of the peeps are higher ranking than I am so I don't know why I'm having to do baby IT jargon for these people. Still, I get paid to repeat myself so whatever and it's Friday so not much bother's me.

Haven't been able to send this posting yet. Got stuck with work so it sat for a few hrs. I finally get a break so here it is. Also, I need to look at where to invest my extra hard earned cash. Not!!!!! Gonna do some impulse shopping because because :)